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Wizz Air cheap flights

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Wizz Air cheap flights

Wizz Air airline was founded in 2003, the headquarters are located in Budapest, Hungary. Its first commercial flight took place on May 19, 2004. Since its creation, the airline has been continuously in negotiations to expand its destinations and offer low cost flights in Central and Eastern Europe. 

According to our data, it currently has more than 274 routes and 4 bases or “hubs”, two of these bases are located in Poland, specifically at Katowice Airport and Warsaw-Frédéric Chopin Airport. In Hungary its base is at the Budapest International Airport and in Romania the Bucharest International Airport.

Budapest, Warsaw Chopin, Barcelona and Rome Fiumicino are the most frequent destinations of Wizz Air in which it offers cheap flights.

Wizz Air fleet

The airline operates with a fairly young fleet of aircraft. All of its aircraft are manufactured by Airbus, and it currently has 128 aircraft in service. Among these 128 aircraft we can find the A320, A321 and A330 models.

Hand luggage at Wizz Air

Since the last update of the Wizz Air carry-on policy, boarding is only allowed with one small piece of luggage that must fit under the front seat. If you need to carry a carry-on bag, you must purchase the "WIZZ PRIORITY" service at the time of booking.


Currently, Wizz Air offers the following Check-in options:

  • Online billing: you can bill through its website or with its mobile application totally free. Online check-in is available from 30 days to 3 hours before flight departure if you have reserved a seat or 48 hours before if you have not reserved a seat.
  • Check-in at the airport: you can check-in at the airline's own counters at the airports, but remember that checking in at the airport involves an additional cost of 11€


By default, Wizz Air offers random seating assignments for free. You can reserve seats from € 4 at the time of purchase and up to three hours before flight departure. If you have booked the ticket with the WIZZ Go or WIZZ Plus fare, the seat reservation will be included in the price.

Relevant Wizz Air information

According to our data, Wizz Air's most frequent destinations are: Budapest, Warsaw Chopin, Barcelona and Rome Fiumicino

Our users have found 274 Wizz Air routes

Wizz Air's most popular destination is the city of Budapest.
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